Overview on casino games

If you have gained interest in casino games recently, it will probably be interesting for you to find out what the most popular ones are. In fact, it is hard to answer the question what the world’s best casino game is, because tastes are different, so are goals of players who come to the casino.
So, in this article we will try to single out the most popular and favorite casino games.

Slot machines

Gamblers have been passionate about slot machines for over 130 years. It is said to be the most popular entertainment in a EU Casino. The main reason why people choose slot machines is there is no need to have special knowledge or skills to be successful in playing this game. The result completely depends on chance. That what makes playing games on slots easy and available to everyone.


Poker is a card game the goal of which is to win bets by collecting the highest poker combination using four or five cards, making all competitors give up. The game goes on with hole cards or partially hole cards. There are lots of variations of poker. Among them is a game called Let it ride where a player plays against the casino.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. Its popularity is based on simple rules, speed of game and the simplest strategy of counting cards.


Baccara is a card game where players aim to collect as many points as they can, using two or three cards. In the original game of baccara, players played with each other deciding whether to take the third card or not. Nowadays mini-baccara is played in casinos where a player plays against the dealer.


Dice is one of the most ancient games. Its main tool is dice in the number from one to five depending on the game. The point of the game is tossing dice and further counting of points, the amount of which defines a winner.


Roulette is a fascinating game where players are allowed to name a bet. Chips are placed either on a single number or a range of numbers, on red or black colour. The croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball. The number or colour the ball settles on is the winning spot.

The mentioned above casino games are the most popular ones, the list of which can go on and on. It means that everyone is able to find a game which suits them perfectly.

24 Numbers Roulette

24 Numbers Roulette System

It’s known that regular roulette players tend to look for and play through specific strategies. And they often make certain ratings of these strategies. It simplifies the searching for newcomers. It becomes easier for them to choose a good and reliable game system.

24 numbers system  is one of the most popular systems according  to the user’s opinions. And such system can be applied in different variants, but the general principle is single for all – the bet should be made on a dozen.

So, the firs variant is a progression, which means betting on 4,8,16,24. Bets should be made for two dozens standing next to each other. If the number till  18 fell out the last time then the bet should be put on the first two dozens. If the last number is more than 19 – then the rate should be made on the last two dozens. If lose, keep betting according to the progression. After losing 24 counters, we make the initial rate.

In case of winning , the player should double the bet, continuing to bet on dozens. If the doubled rate also wins – go to the beginning of the progression again . If the double bet is lost, than the player should  return to the progression and still bet on dozens, which will be determined on the last spin.

And the other variant. The only difference from the first is that after the win, there is no doubling of the bet. Player should  put the won sum together with the returned rate.

If using the 24 numbers strategy correctly and carefully vary it, then it can bring a great profit.


Casino(general information)

Casinos are special entertainment institutions  that differs in the availability of gambling. In fact, the casino is an indoor entertainment  park for adults. But, this entertainment has some distinctive features – heat and profit. Casino combines a luxurious interior, a variety of performances, a bar, a dance floor and a list of other activities. However, gambling remains the main entertainment.

Obviously, in the field of casinos a lot of money are turning . And although there are people who win huge sums, the main winner is the owner of the casino.

The most popular game in all casinos in the whole world is roulette. Also popular are gambling or slot  machines. Keno is among popular games too.

In 1995, the first online casinos appeared in which gambling was controlled by computer programs.

Given the amount of winnings and the total profit of the casino, security should be at the highest level. And the first security measure is the surveillance cameras. They can be placed both indoors and on the gaming tables themselves. In addition to the cameras, there is also physical staff, which is constantly indoors and able to respond quickly to any violations or extraordinary situations.

Also, after technical and staffing, each casino has a list of rules and requirements regarding the behavior and rights of visitors and players.

20 by 20 Roulette

20 by 20 Roulette System

The game system 20 by 20 is considered to be one of the most popular , because using it can significantly increase the odds of victory. In addition, it is quite simple.

The basic principle of this system is that the dealer turns the wheel alternately  – to the right, then to the left side.

In order to put the counters on the playing field successfully, it is necessary to  provisionally divide the roulette into three parts – the first one is the main one, and two on the sides of the main one, which contains 12 sectors.

This is a slightly complicated  element of the system, because each new game requires a redistribution of the field.

All rates  should be set on the numbers of the sector that fallen out previously. It means that  if the game started with falling of number 14 , then the move is skipped (it is unknown what was before). If after the next spin the number 32 falls out, then the bet should be made to the left sector near the main part, with  number 14 in center . Suppose, the next number 16 falls out. It means that the counters should be put on the right sector, centered on the number 32.

Such system requires a lot of attention and vigilance. It  should be emphasized ,that one miscalculation can cause a whole series of losses.

Of course, the player must clearly understand that by choosing a certain strategy for playing roulette, he or she must study it in a  great detail, analyze it , make theoretical calculations, and then decide is it worth to use chosen system.



Poker is the  gambling or sports card game in which certain combinations of playing cards win. There are many variations of rules. Classic poker uses a complete deck of 52 cards without jokers. Other types include jokers, shorter logs, bones instead of cards, and more.

This card game is over  500 years old. The first mention of it  relates to 1526. This game was played in Spain and Italy but called a little differently – primero.  Also, among other European countries, something similar was in France, but also had a different name -“la prime”.

Regarding to the rules – each player received 3 cards, after which the bets were announced in a circle, and eventually won one of the combinations: three or two cards of the same value, or three one suit cards. It is believed that the modern name “poker” is formed from the French variant of the 18th century.

Today, people are inclined to accept poker in different ways. The most widespread opinion is negative, since for most poker is associated with gambling, which often bluff, which is played  by questionable people in dubious places. Another category of people believes that this game is built on a solid luck and hoping for something does not make sense. And one more category of opinions – if someone is lucky, then why not try it too?

Most perceive poker primarily as an instrument for easy money earning (as well as an easy  loss), and this is exactly the reason for the negative thoughts about this game.

Is money a prerequisite for the game? Of course not. The first condition is the desire to test your luck and enjoy the game, whatever the outcome.

Anyway, if you want to discover, what is poker intrinsically, then you have to try it by yourself.