20 by 20 Roulette

20 by 20 Roulette System

The game system 20 by 20 is considered to be one of the most popular , because using it can significantly increase the odds of victory. In addition, it is quite simple.

The basic principle of this system is that the dealer turns the wheel alternately  – to the right, then to the left side.

In order to put the counters on the playing field successfully, it is necessary to  provisionally divide the roulette into three parts – the first one is the main one, and two on the sides of the main one, which contains 12 sectors.

This is a slightly complicated  element of the system, because each new game requires a redistribution of the field.

All rates  should be set on the numbers of the sector that fallen out previously. It means that  if the game started with falling of number 14 , then the move is skipped (it is unknown what was before). If after the next spin the number 32 falls out, then the bet should be made to the left sector near the main part, with  number 14 in center . Suppose, the next number 16 falls out. It means that the counters should be put on the right sector, centered on the number 32.

Such system requires a lot of attention and vigilance. It  should be emphasized ,that one miscalculation can cause a whole series of losses.

Of course, the player must clearly understand that by choosing a certain strategy for playing roulette, he or she must study it in a  great detail, analyze it , make theoretical calculations, and then decide is it worth to use chosen system.


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