24 Numbers Roulette

24 Numbers Roulette System

It’s known that regular roulette players tend to look for and play through specific strategies. And they often make certain ratings of these strategies. It simplifies the searching for newcomers. It becomes easier for them to choose a good and reliable game system.

24 numbers system  is one of the most popular systems according  to the user’s opinions. And such system can be applied in different variants, but the general principle is single for all – the bet should be made on a dozen.

So, the firs variant is a progression, which means betting on 4,8,16,24. Bets should be made for two dozens standing next to each other. If the number till  18 fell out the last time then the bet should be put on the first two dozens. If the last number is more than 19 – then the rate should be made on the last two dozens. If lose, keep betting according to the progression. After losing 24 counters, we make the initial rate.

In case of winning , the player should double the bet, continuing to bet on dozens. If the doubled rate also wins – go to the beginning of the progression again . If the double bet is lost, than the player should  return to the progression and still bet on dozens, which will be determined on the last spin.

And the other variant. The only difference from the first is that after the win, there is no doubling of the bet. Player should  put the won sum together with the returned rate.

If using the 24 numbers strategy correctly and carefully vary it, then it can bring a great profit.


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