Poker is the  gambling or sports card game in which certain combinations of playing cards win. There are many variations of rules. Classic poker uses a complete deck of 52 cards without jokers. Other types include jokers, shorter logs, bones instead of cards, and more.

This card game is over  500 years old. The first mention of it  relates to 1526. This game was played in Spain and Italy but called a little differently – primero.  Also, among other European countries, something similar was in France, but also had a different name -“la prime”.

Regarding to the rules – each player received 3 cards, after which the bets were announced in a circle, and eventually won one of the combinations: three or two cards of the same value, or three one suit cards. It is believed that the modern name “poker” is formed from the French variant of the 18th century.

Today, people are inclined to accept poker in different ways. The most widespread opinion is negative, since for most poker is associated with gambling, which often bluff, which is played  by questionable people in dubious places. Another category of people believes that this game is built on a solid luck and hoping for something does not make sense. And one more category of opinions – if someone is lucky, then why not try it too?

Most perceive poker primarily as an instrument for easy money earning (as well as an easy  loss), and this is exactly the reason for the negative thoughts about this game.

Is money a prerequisite for the game? Of course not. The first condition is the desire to test your luck and enjoy the game, whatever the outcome.

Anyway, if you want to discover, what is poker intrinsically, then you have to try it by yourself.