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Nier Automata

There are works that remain in the collective imagination for their ability to speak to the public. Just think of Trainspotting with his famous “Choose life”, in order to understand how a work can become cult, and make history. Nier: Automata is the son of a small cult , that Nier and PS3 and Xbox 360 made headlines in many different ways: it was a difficult game, but with a story to tell intense and absolutely ingenious design choices. Yoko Taro is a real brand, which since the time of Drakengard manages to captivate players with its sick stories, disturbing and twisted, but speaking at several levels, with reflections often important.

What was missing probably at the time, it was a playful skeleton over which the creative capabilities of Yoko Taro could flourish, equating such a narrative fabric thickness to that of the gameplay, giving shape to the experience of a video game in all respects. Square Enix and Yoko Taro have therefore entrusted to the skill of Platinum Games , the legendary Japanese software house, to create Nier: Automata as we know it today. The advice of the Kamiya team will have benefited? Let’s find out together.

Yorha team, the last bastion of humanity devised to counter the advance of BIOMACHINES on planet Earth, now devastated by war. The humans have taken refuge on the moon, and use androids to make sure that there is still a land to call home and which return in the future. There is nothing strange or unusual in this task, it is probably the opening words of other possible stories and several sci-fi background.

That Nier: Automata is different, however, it shows how the authorship can also be crucial in the world of video games. Yoko Taro is a recognized pen , and although it has the scope of a Kojima surprisingly, his work remains absolutely original and unique.

The investigations by the android by 2B fighter and reconnaissance 9S fact take an unexpected turn: the BIOMACHINES to life an evolved being, a biomachine from humanoid and incredible powers, and strangely fascinated by the human race. Nier: Automata fishing with both hands in what we known and discovered in Nier, but try to tell at the same time a story in a narrative core in its own right . There is no doubt that much of the charm derived from that kind of background knowledge is lost, but the story (indeed, the stories) told surprised by their intensity in the topics covered and for all Japanese melancholy.

Nier Automata

A wasteland, populated by abandoned cars at the time and themselves. Someone chooses the path of peace, others seek to give meaning to their existence through a twisted religious concept. The philosophical reflections, and not, for Nier: Automata strike at all different levels from the stories we are used to. A constant search for the meaning of life, machines that lack a purpose assigned, seek alternatives actually constructing fictitious micro societies and religions that give new meaning. A reflection that also extends to the androids, other types of machines, which will check during our adventure. 2B and 9S, an android female and one male, sharing a journey of discovery and self-awareness. Prohibited from showing emotions from Yorha command, the relationship between the two changes and evolves over time, often leading to an symbolism that, both in the images in some beautiful dialogues, make Nier: Automata more than mere entertainment work (often also a bit ‘bizarre, as is traditional for Yoko Taro securities).

But Nier: Automata is not just a story , the many pieces that make up the puzzle (the game unfolds on several points of view, for a total of 4 playthrough and multiple possible endings) are also told through quests and through the characters are the protagonists. 2B and 9S are our eyes in a world without God, where they play subtle notes and it’s just the sound of wind, the desert and the cars that tread on the cold ground to give voice to the game world. During his exploration we were fascinated by the intelligence with which developers and authors have given way to this even more stupid, which acquire pathos and meaning despite their simplicity. Nier: Automata is a sad and melancholy journey into the deeper meaning of existence, of what it means and what it entails.

We are still in front of a video game, and we assure you that there is plenty to play: the contribution of the work of Yoko Taro Platinum Games and Square Enix is no doubt , and we are light years away from the author’s previous experiences . Nier: Automata is in effect an Action-RPG , with a prevalence of the action, similar component to another in many Platinum titles, such as a Bayonetta for example, where the RPG component is to place strong emphasis on personalization of their gaming experience .

It is in fact to integrate the classic system of light and heavy attacks to be joined in combo and the Pod management, to something closer to an RPG, as can be for example a greater attack capability or a greater speed in dodging, together with many other bonus parametric.

Everything that is related to the character will run through the chip, to enhance or to melt, and to be inserted carefully into a limited space, leading us to a real creation of our “build” favorite. The Nier gameplay: Automata in this way is extremely versatile and customizable , going as far as to provide chips that allow you to dodge and automatically attach to allow, perhaps, even the less accustomed with the action to enjoy storytelling or just to learn some tricks from put in place in first person.

Levels of difficulty and variable approach to a title that exudes from every pore Platinum Games : Nier: Automata is not at all a simple game, if approached in the manner in which it was thought, maybe on Normal difficulty; reflexes and requires some patience to be mastered at best, but in its extreme flexibility is really put as suitable experience (and adaptable) at all.

Nier Automata review

The management of equipment then, however minimal (we limit it to any kind of weapon upgrades), is made fascinating by a bizarre approach to storytelling: every weapon it is linked to a particular story, which often gives new meaning and sometimes it shows us something new on the left of the game world. Nier: Automata is, therefore, an experience that finds its reason for being in the narrative and its nuances , despite the Platinum Games work both from a qualitative point of view and play just excelled. The creativity of the turning action has the particular, because the title often turns its gameplay depending on events: ranging from a vertically scrolling shooter (just like the old arcade cabinets) to platforming and action sessions horizontal scrolling; the contribution to the diversity of experience that these stylistic choices (apparently disconnected, but always in context) to give Nier: Automata a soul of its own, it is difficult to even compare with other Platinum Games titles.

Its nature of mock open world, however, more than a limit becomes an advantage: it is clear that the title of Yoko Taro find comfort in its linearity , and as a game limited the wide world becomes simply vent to offer the player other reasons continue to explore, through its stories and its mysteries. Too bad that unfortunately this is partly undermined by a HUD map of quite confused and annoying (the rest of the interface is rather stylish and successful), which makes it tiring minimum displacement and instead is almost recommended to go a bit ‘blindly, trusting to ‘instinct than to the indicators present on the screen.

Point out the interface of the game map as a defect, in a general framework so exciting, it could be pretentious. Instead, you realize immediately that Nier: Automata flaw in its own technical achievement , betraying a budget. The game world is, as artistically beautiful, rather bare in its visual representation tends to bland, and seldom gives truly unforgettable views, and when it does it more for its technology more than artistic merit. Despite everything, we talk about a title that runs at 60fps, with occasional falling, and that is absolutely a joy to see in motion, given the nature of its action.

Rather succeeded is the English dub (the Japanese audio is also available), with high style, well for the main characters, which goes to join a sound department that has no equal . Especially on the soundtrack, signed by Keiichi Okabe and Keigo Hoashi , which stands as one of the most beautiful sound delights of this year: a valuable work of great originality, with a linguistic work also tied the texts and influences songs. So we were bewitched, and we will hear for a long time.

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