Pokémon GO prepares for its first real-world event

There are those who think that this summer will return to be carried out by Pokémon GO. Niantic’s game based on augmented reality has been in the shade for a while, preparing to introduce great new features requested by coaches on more than one occasion, which were already confirmed by the developer company at the time.

And now, just before these new features appear in Pokémon GO, Niantic has announced a new event that will take place on July 22, with a big difference from previous ones already celebrated: it will be the first event “in the real world”. In addition, all players will enjoy new advantages and bonuses from next week.

Pokémon GO prepares for its next big event


The Pokémon GO Fest was announced today by Niantic through a new website created for this purpose, in which anyone who wishes, can register with your email to receive all the news related to the event.

This event will take place in the city of Chicago on July 22, and from next day 19, tickets will be available from the website mentioned above.

However, since not everyone will be able to participate in this first event, Niantic has announced that, between the months of June and September, new events of this type will be celebrated in different parts of Europe.

Finally, comment that, as they say from AndroidCentral from next June 13, Pokémon GO players will enjoy new advantages within the game. Among them, we will find XP bonus for launching Pokéballs accurately, a greater facility to find fire type and ice type Pokémon, as well as Lucky Eggs with great discounts. Niantic also has not forgotten to comment on its future plans for the game, stating that Pokémon GO will soon receive an update aimed at improving the collaboration between players.

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