Relive your childhood with Crazy Taxi, now free forever!


In 2012, SEGA surprised Android users by launching one of its most popular classic video games: Crazy Taxi. After several years between us, today, as they tell us from IGN, all those followers of the game that until now have not had the opportunity to prove it, have no excuse to do so, as SEGA has decided to withdraw the price of 4.99 Euros Crazy Taxi for Android to offer it for free unlimited.

Those users who decide to download Crazy Taxi for Android from now on, will not have to pay a single penny to play it. In return, yes, some ads have been introduced in the application.

Crazy Taxi for Android is now free for unlimited time

There is not much to tell about this classic at this point. Even so, for those who do not know it, we must remember that this is a game in which we must perform as many races as a taxi driver in the shortest possible time, leaving our customers totally satisfied to get a higher score.

Best of all, the game, despite having been remastered, keeps the graphics and music from the original released in the year 2000 for the DreamCast console. A whole dose of nostalgia directly in the palm of your hand, and free !.

In addition, the game now supports most Bluetooth controllers available on the market, and includes up to 16 mini-games that promise hours and hours of fun.

So you know, whether or not you are a lover of the game, we recommend giving this classic a try, especially now that it can be downloaded totally free in the Google Play Store.

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