The Best Rolling Games for Android and iOS

The best games for Android and iOS

In the meantime you are no longer bound to consoles and PCs and can even play games on their mobile phones. The scope of these RPGs is often not to be underestimated. In addition, there are popular roll-up games also smaller offshoots for smartphones, which are very popular. The best roll games for smartphones can almost keep up with their “big brothers”.

Is it worth playing RPGs on smartphones?

For us definitely one of the best roll games for Android and iOS Secret of Mana.
With the ever larger and better screens of the smartphones also the play fun in all games increases. Particularly in the case of scrolling games, the graphics are also an important criterion, and also the developers are partly ahead of their time. For active users of a PS4 , Xbox One and the PC, the control via the touchscreen could be disadvantageous, while casual gamblers can enjoy it. One thing is certain: Rolling games for Android and iOS would not be so popular if they were not fun. So now we come to the hot discussion: Which are the best RPGs for Android and iOS?

Top 10: The best games for Android and iOS

The following suggestions for the best roll-up games for Android and iOS are recommendations toy blast cheats. Have you had any experience with these RPGs and are you perhaps disappointed or do you find them just as good as us? In the picture gallery under the list you can find pictures of the corresponding roller games. If you click on the links of your platform, you will automatically be redirected to the App Store and you will be able to see the scrolling game there.

Nonstop Knight : A free action RPG that is great for getting into roll games on Android and iOS. Opportunity players will learn quickly here, because it is quite simple and still fun (free for Android and iOS ).
Andor’s Trail : This dungeon crawler RPG is already very popular and convinces with a versatile world. However, if you expect even more complex battles, you will be disappointed (free for Android ).
Chrono Trigger : In this roll-up game for Android and iOS, some developers of Dragon Quest, Dragon Ball and Final Fantasy have joined together. If you are looking for time travels and emotional adventures, then you will find here (currently 8.99 euros for Android and 9.99 euros for iOS ).
Final Fantasy IV : And it goes on with emotional roll-up games for Android and iOS, because here a good story meets a sophisticated combat system. By the way, there are also other Final Fantasy games for smartphones, but this convinced us (currently 14.49 euros for Android and 15.99 euros for iOS ).
Secret of Mana : The famous menus of Secret of Mana, the real-time battles and the adventurous travels convince with this action RPG also on Android and iOS (currently 7.99 euro for Android and iOS ).
Baldur’s Gate : This revolutionary game offers more than 60 hours of fun in the Enhanced Edition and is still one of the best games for the Android and iOS (currently 7.84 Euro for Android and 9.99 Euro for iOS ).
Star Wars KOTOR : One of the most famous and popular roll games has also made it on iOS and Android. This RPG is also recommended for Star Wars muffles (currently 10.41 euros for Android and 9.99 euros for iOS ).
The Banner Saga : Do you like Viking? With this RPG, you have more than 25 playable characters, which consist of one of 7 classes. A typical scrolling game, which can not be missing in any lover’s budget (currently 5.50 euros for Android and 4.99 euros for iOS ).
Evoland : With this action adventure RPG, you are not only guided by the history of game graphics. There is also a sense of humor. At Evoland simply nothing passes by (currently 4.99 euro for Android and iOS ).
Shadowrun Returns : Ancient myths and legends also work in the future and that proves this RPG. Orcs, monsters and magical beings in an unusual scenario seem very original (currently 2.15 euros for Android and 1.99 for iOS ).

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