The Best Shooter Game, Blitz Brigade Android

Another great game that you can play on Android devices is this Blitz Brigade Android. It has tons of interesting stuffs and engaging gameplay. Bltz Brigade is an online first person shooter that available free to play in Google Play. If you love first person shooter game, then you should try to play this Blitz Brigade. The game has a huge open maps where players  can explore its surrounding. Not to underestimate this game with its cartoony graphics, it actually has high quality graphic design for all the items inside the game. Released in May of 2013, the game has a lot of players to this date, because its battlefield-style gameplay is very fun and it won’t make you feel bored with tons of vehicles options such as jeps, tanks and even helicopter that you may use troughout the game. Blitz Brigade also offers you 3 PVP game modes and also lots of different choice of weapons.

Published by Gameloft, Blitz Brigade Android has quick burst of fun everytime you play it. it is a 3D online game with World War II theme, it is also said to be inspired by Battlefield Heroes. With this game you can have a beautiful, colorful and bright HD Cartoony graphic. You can either compete with a 6 vs 6 gameplay mode with 12 players online or you can also choose 120 different single player missions. The 3 PVP modes mentioned earlier are Domination, Deathmatch and Flag Capture, you can choose which of the mode that you like the best.

Blitz Brigade Android has 5 unique classes of its players with various kind of skills and strategies. The 5 classes are Gunner, Sniper, Stealth, Soldier and Medic, each of them possess their own unique advantages and disadvantages. To accompany the character, Blitz Brigade also offers players with up to 100 different kind of weapons, from light to powerful weapon for each of the classes. Players can also customized their skills and level it up to dominate their foes and win the game.

With the game map that’s so huge, players are offered various vehicles to use. There are tanks, jeep and fly with helicopter to explore the area of the game quickly. You can also train your skills with more than 120 single player training missions that you can play. Each of the training are unique and may offers something different every time. With a fun but challenging gameplay, Blitz Brigade Android has quickly gained attention since its first launched and has become one of the best and most popular shooter game for mobile devices.

With more than 10 million users, Blitz Brigade Android is a game that many people won’t likely to expect to find on mobile devices. The game manages to find a balanced combination of great graphic like PC games, with smooth actions and huge maps, and fit it to be played with smart phone or tablet. Even after two years after released, Blitz Brigade is still the most popular shooter game in Android platform.


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